Saturday, November 3, 2012

BeWealthyWithUs Scam Update

A few hours ago, BeWealthWithUs program was declared by the monitoring boards and has now been marked under Scam Status.

The admin of the said program sent out a newsletter to explain his side as to why the said program was such a short lived. The cause for the said program's closure was blamed on to STP, one of the biggest money processor and obviously is one of the program's main money bank.

For what ever reason it is, it has now become a tradition of the HYIP admins to have their own scapegoats before closing shop. Now, what makes this newsletter controversial is because of the fact that he had some "proofs" which I cannot verify if true or not. The said screenshot is the very conversation they have with STPay. Since the interaction ID of the said escalation is covered, we cannot determine if it is true or not.

It is up to you guys to believe the BWWU admin or not, but one this is only advised for now -DO NOT INVEST FURTHER IN THE PROGRAM.

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Here is the newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin,
I promised that I will keep you updated.
This is a ticket created and deleted by STP - SCAM processor!
My advice is to stop using STP for further investments in HYIP's, and use EGOPAY / LR instead, where transactions are final, you will not see your account blocked etc.
This is a revolution coming, way too many STP accounts were blocked lately. They will end up like Payza.
Now it is a loose - loose situation, we lost, you lost - STP won - do not let it happen again.
This is a message for all of you investors, and also major HYIP admins. Please spread it everywhere.
I want to let you know that if it is about the real money STP lies like a dog.
1) We never violated the terms, and if we did, we want to know which, we asked for it but it was left without any answer.
2) We never intended to defraud - we asked for proof, they simply cannot give it to us. It is just another excuse / defamation to keep our account locked.
There was thousands of accounts that really scammed people and they did nothing back then.
Let me remind you previous successful big time scam project as Finvance, Monetary Club, Elite Gains.
STP did nothing, question is why? It is a simple answer - STP participated in those scams.
3) Do not believe STP, you will not receive refund.
4) They told us that we are not the owner, ok that is fine - the owner already contacted them - we can provide any document as they wish - it is all legit .

Here is the screenshot of our ticket:

Nate Owens
Chief Financial Officer at BEWEALTHYWITHUS.BIZ"

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