Thursday, November 29, 2012

NewGNi Clarification on Privatization and My Warning

We received a newsletter update from newGNi today which is a follow up on the previous newsletter about its privatization. newGNi ranks 6 in our Top Most Favorite HYIPs and is paying 1% daily or 6% weekly. It is now 332 days online in the industry.

The said newsletter update informs us that the privatization will start on December 1, 2012 GMT thus all of those who are interested to join must sign up NOW. Failure to do so means that you will NEVER be able to join the program again. It also states that you do not really have to invest on the said program, but the signing up is for you to do your investment in the future should you decide to do so.

Another thing worth mentioning is that a total of 800 members have signed up due to the said privatization, once again proving how famous newGNi has become.

Lastly, a clarification on the Principal withdrawal has been mentioned too. Everyone can ask for their principal to be returned should they decide to stop their partnership with newGNi but this privilege is only up until December 31. Past the said date and the 180 days lock in period will then take place.

Personally, it has now become quite a gamble for the admin to do this considering the fact that releasing of the principal amounts altogether could lead to a collapse of the program, thus I have to give you a fair warning that this could be the case. What I suggest instead is if ever you do have plans to deposit there, wait for some time and instead observe on how things will go after Christmas since more people are still going to ask for their principals until then.

If the program survives Christmas and few days after New Year and that the program is still paying, then you may deposit. For now, just sign up.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear clients, friends and fans

We have received great responses and appreciation, following our latest newsletter announcing the privatization of newGNi!

Such positive input from our member base is showing us, that we are doing the right thing and Chris and I are very excited to move together with you into the year 2013 and hopefully even for a long time beyond next year.

Since our latest newsletter was sent out just three days ago, I'd like to address only a very few issues, which seems to remain unclear for some of our members:

1. New members
If you consider to be part of our great community in the future, please sign-up NOW. There is no need for you to invest now, we don't rush anybody to invest with us and never did so in the past. Just in case you might consider that at any point in the future newGNi might become part of your online investment portfolio, please sign-up NOW.

We will disable new registrations on Saturday morning (GMT) to give anyone in all timezones a fair chance to join. Since our latest newsletter 800 new members joined! That is by all standards incredible -- thank you all!

2. Principal withdrawal
We have discussed this issue again and again within the team and came to the conclusion that all members who like to leave us can do so. True to the old adage, never hold up travelers. So whoever likes to leave us now, can do so, no matter if you invested with us yesterday, last week or last month. All deposits can be cancelled at any time until December 31st. 2012 After that date the 180 day rule will be in place again. Please refer to our user manuals in the client area on how to request your principal. And please remember, even if you decide to leave us now, you can come back at any time, since you are a valued member of newGNi.

I guess thats all I have for today. As always, keep well, take care and see you soon,

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