Friday, November 23, 2012

Promising Program Updates: SureInv, Platinum Vertex & Lord of Profits

The HYIP Bulletin Warning: please read this first before continuing.

Each and every program have their own ways and means of getting everyone's attention. Thus, I have decided to create this section in order to point our some POSSIBLE AND POTENTIALLY good programs basing on EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD program updates. Here are those who have caught my eyes lately.

CHECK-UP DATE (11/24/12)

SureInv (full program review)
Although practically new, this mid to long term program have been very consistent in their payments and admin is very active too. New features and updates have been added to their website, most especially the monitoring page which contains a lot of valuable and detailed information about the program.

Platinum Vertex (full program review)
Another new program under mid to long term category is also showing promising signs. You can see that the admin are consistently trying to be unique and innovative by providing program updates and is making sure that they are transparent to the different updates being done. They are also starting weekly newsletters for the said action.

Lord of Profits (full program review)
The said program is categorized under short to mid term program and thus has a slightly higher risk in comparison to others but despite all these, the program admin is very much active and can be seen online almost all the time. The said activity is the least that we should be expecting from such programs.

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