Thursday, November 29, 2012

Platinum Vertex Event Update & New Promotional Banners

We received a newsletter from Platinum Vertex today regarding an update on their 2 Weeks Online Event which latest for 48 hours. The said event encourages its members to post their cash outs and experiences on the said program on specific sites and those who will do so can receive cash prizes. A total of $200 has been given by the said program for the said event and they are hoping to do more of these events in the future. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for a redo of the said event. I too received a total of $2 for the said event!

Also, you will be able to see that Platinum Vertex has added more promotional banners on their Banner page. I personally think that it has a better look and more catchy feel on it than the first, but everyone has its own preference. You are invited to use them at your convenience to aid you in promoting about Platinum Vertex for you to earn a 5% extra income from commissions.

Platinum Vertex (reviewed here) currently is rank 1 in the Top Most Favorite HYIPs and offers 4.5%-6% daily for 40 business days and the cash outs are really fast and the admin is very active. They are now online for 16 days.

Here is the entire newsletter:

"Hi to all Platinum Vertex members!

The 2 Weeks Online Event which lasted for 48 hours have finally concluded. We are very happy to announce that over $200 FREE CASH PRIZES have been give to our members.

The said bonus can either be deposited or cash out from your EVENTS BONUS plan. You simply choose the withdraw principal option on the said plan.

Although it has already ended, please do expect a repeat of the said event SOON! We hope to send our more cash prizes most especially that the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Lastly, do take note that new promotional items are now available on our Banners Page. We hope that you will be able to use them in promoting the good news about Platinum Vertex.

Advance Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Platinum Vertex Team"

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