Saturday, November 10, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Weekly & Monthly Events Mechanics

The HYIP Bulletin Weekly & Monthly Events

To qualify, make sure your FREE SUBSCRIPTION to The HYIP Bulletin Daily Rankings, News and Updates has been VERIFIED.

Steps on how to subscribe:
1.    Click the subscription link here.
2.    A separate window opens and you will be asked to enter your valid email address.
3.    Input the email address where you want to receive The HYIP Bulletin Daily Rankings, News and Updates Report.
4.    After completing the subscription request, a verification link will be sent to your email.
5.    Lastly, confirm your subscription by clicking on the verification link sent to your Inbox. (In rare cases, the validation or verification link will be send to your spam folder. Make sure to check it there.)

Advocates Both Elements

·         The HYIP Bulletin is an INDEPENDENT AND FREE website. All information available is free and without any cost. 
·         The HYIP Bulletin sends out Daily Rankings, News and Updates of the HYIP Industry via email and you can SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE.
·         100% RCB. All referrals who signed up directly under The HYIP Bulletin programs will get back the referral commissions received by The HYIP Bulletin from them. 
·         In order for you to receive the said commission, please email
·         A Community Shoutbox is available for you to inform and be informed of the happenings in the industry. 
·         Everyone is welcome to the community. 
·         Quality control is implemented in enlisting programs to MINIMIZE RISKS of investing in suspected scam programs. 
·         Programs are treated justly and reviews will be unbiased. As much as possible all the good and bad points will be laid down for you to make YOUR INDEPENDENT DECISION.
·         Top Favorite HYIPs are solely determined through voting. They are chosen NOT by how much The HYIP Bulletin has received from the account's investments nor from referral commissions but through the votes of the members and viewers of the industry.
·         WIN CASH PRIZES WEEKLY AND MONTHLY. Cash prizes will be given to the Voter of the Week andVoter of the Month. The said candidates are the one who have the most number of votes recorded on the Top Most Favorite HYIP Survey Form which is determined by the IP address' voting count.

Win $20 WEEKLY

·         Voting is per IP address and can be done every 12 HOURS or a maximum of 2x PER DAY. 
·         In the event that there is a TIE, the prizes will be EQUALLY DIVIDED by the winners. 
·         Winners are announced on a weekly and monthly basis and will be posted on the EVENT WINNERS SECTION.
·         First-time voters SHOULD register their IP address by FILLING OUT THEIR NAMES on the others box.

·         The HYIP Bulletin has a Featured Program of the Month which is a PAID ADVERTISMENT worth $600. This has the inclusions of THE SOLE 728x90 BANNER of the Website, Program Reviews, Admin Interviews and Inclusion of Program Updates on The HYIP Bulletin Daily News and Updates Newsletter. 
·         Very Affordable Enlisting. Enlisting is only $50 which includes the follow: 150x150 Banner on the Advertisement Box, Program Review, Admin Interview (optional) and Program Updates Sent via Email to the subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin.
·         FREE enlisting section 
·         Affordable Advertising. Advertise for only $30 on the Advertisement Box. Lower slots are more affordable too! ($30/week per slot ONLY)

Top Most Favorite HYIP
will receive

·          A cash prize of $500 is given to the declared Top Most Favorite HYIP of the Month and will be placed inTop Most Favorite HYIP of the Month Hall of Fame
·         The program should be at least 15 days old upon end of the month to qualify.
·         Top Favorite HYIPs are chosen through the number of votes received from The HYIP Bulletin Favorite HYIP Survey Poll
·         Voting is per IP address and can be done every 12 HOURS or a maximum of 2x PER DAY. 
·         In the event that there is a TIE, an extension of 6 hours will be given to determine the winner.
·         Encouraging the members of your program to vote is allowed and recommended.


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