Monday, November 26, 2012

NewGNi Going Exclusive and No More New Members by December 1

NewGNi, ranked 6 of our Top Most Favorite HYIPs and is running for 329 days now sent out a very shocking newsletter today. It offers two investment plans which is the daily profit plan of 1% daily and the weekly plan that offers 6% daily.

Alright I might have over-reacted a bit but who would not be if you are in the HYIP industry for a while now with the new changes that NewGNi is going to implement. Although it only have one real main thought, the said newsletter would do a great impact to the industry considering the stature of the program in the long term program field.

If you had been in the industry for a while now, NewGNi is perhaps the oldest program I had been into. Going back on its history a bit, the old name of the program is GNi which was the oldest running program from 2008-2010. It was a very well known long term investment program with so much investors in them. I could say that perhaps it was one of the best. Unfortunately, due to a payment processor (yes not the fault of GNi) StrictPay going on scam, and having their bank going down, the program was then forced to close. By early January of this year, the program was ran by a new admin who is Jurgen.

And just like before, the program became one of the most trusted programs in the industry even up to today. The program allows you to earn 1% per day or 6% per week and is paying all cash-outs almost instantly. I would have to say that it is one of the epitome of the long term programs up until this point.

Today, I am much delighted with the changes that they are going to implement on the program. Here are the following changes that is going to happen:

  1. The program is now going to become EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVATE PROGRAM.
  2. Due to the said change mentioned, NewGNi will NO LONGER be accepting new members starting December 1.
  3. Only members before December 1 can invest and reinvest on the said program.
  4. Since NewGNi is going private, they will be allocating their time most on their company investments rather than maintaining the program.
  5. For the same reason mentioned above, all cash out requests will only be processed once a week and only during Mondays.
  6. Should you feel that you do not want to continue your investments with the program anymore, you have the option to cash out all your money from them and close your account.
Personally, I have a mixed feeling about this update. I am both disappointed and glad. Disappointed because I will be missing the activeness of the program and the admin when it comes to daily dynamics in the industry. Glad at the same time because they have found the rightful place that they should be focusing their energy and talents into. Also, unlike any other programs, they have the decency to inform all their members and to even return the money that the investors have entrusted to them should the investors decide to cut ties with them rather than go and shut down the site.

As for those who are still going to put their trust to the program and continue their investments with them for the next couple of days, months, years or how long it could be, then do join me before your chance to ride the boat is missed. May we all have a fruitful journey in their new chapter.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear clients, friends and fans
We would like to thank you for your ongoing support during the year 2012! We came from nowhere to become one of the largest second income opportunities on the internet. However, newGNI has now reached the point in which we are strictly a Private Program, effective as of December 1st. Those of you that are in and earning each week are welcome to stay and we look forward to having a long profitable life here with us at newGNI.

What you have in your account will grow each week just like before, but we are going to make one change on the processing of withdrawal requests at this time.

Due to the administrative time it takes to fulfill the requests each day, we are going to process withdrawal requests only once per week starting December 1st.

Please post your withdrawal requests by Sunday midnight (GMT) and we will process all withdrawals requests on the following Monday. Since we don't want to impose such changes from one day to another, this week everything will remain as it was and withdrawal requests will be processed daily.

As of December 1st. newGNI will be closed to any new members. Until then you might refer new members to newGNi

I'd like to point out that investments are NOT necessary and can be made at a later stage, but the accounts must be created before December 1st.

Once again, we would like to thank all of our current members for your trust and dedication to newGNi and if for any reason our changes are not acceptable, we are willing to let you cash out and close your account if you wish so and your deposits are eligible for cancelation. We are NOT trying to run anybody off, but we just feel it is better use of our time if we are able to trade more and spend less time with administrative work. We hope you appreciate where this has taken newGNi and you and we look forward to great things for you and your account with us.

Here are the key figures for the soon to be private newGNi:
1. Account will still earn 6% per week or 1% daily
2. Still earn commissions on those you referred
3. You can still re-invest or withdraw each week
4. You can add more outside funds to your account
5. NO NEW MEMBERS, means fewer problems
6. One time per week withdrawals, less admin time and more time for our trading activities
7. You are now part of a privileged and private group

Congratulations and Happy Holidays,

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