Thursday, November 15, 2012

Majestic Profits New Plan

Majestic Profits, one of our Top Most Favorite Program and currently ranked 9 in the Survey Poll sent out a newsletter today informing about the new plan available. Majestic Profits is running online now for 22 days now and offering 2.8%-5% daily for up to 65 days. Full review and Admin interview here.

The program claims that they are currently being offered with a very good opportunity presented by their traders thus they are willing to present this one day plan to those who are willing.

The said plan will have a minimum deposit of $500 and that if you are going to deposit a $10,000 for example, your investment grows up to $13,500 after the next 24 hours.

It has now become a common trade for programs who are having cash flows to be doing such tactics in order to attract those investors who tends to become erratic about it. I just hope that this is not the case for Majestic Profits.

But before anything else, and even before you try to consider depositing with the said amount and plan, do ask yourself if these types of opportunities are real.


Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

We are glad to announce that we have received an excellent offer from our traders, that made us able to propose special profit for limited time. Since this is a one-time offer, you are highly advised to react as soon as possible. Period of the special plan is 1 calenda day. Both of the capital and earnings are fully guaranteed and there is absolutely no risk of losing funds. Deposits are accepted through LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. You can sign in to your current account and make deposit in this plan from Deposit Funds section.
If you invest $10,000 LibertyReserve in this plan without compounding, you will receive $13,500 in your LibertyReserve account after 24 hours.
Minimum deposit - 500$."

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