Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eurex Trade Announces Two Non Paying Days This November

After a very long moment of silence, EurexTrade finally sends out a newsletter to announce two non-paying days for November. For those who do not know, EurexTrade is one of the longest running HYIP program and is now 614 days now.

Like any other ForEx claiming programs, EurexTrade will not be paying on November 12 and 22 because of Bank Holidays. The reason behind why no payments are being done by ForEx claiming programs is because trading is such days can cause very little profit, and perhaps even loses.

Here is the newletter:
“Bank Holidays on November
Dear customers!
Due to the holidays we have the following official non-trading day.
November 12 (Veterans Day in US)
November 22 (Thanksgiving Day in US)
Therefore no profit will be credited to EurexTrade investment accounts.
Deposit and withdrawals are processing instantly as usual.”

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