Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Enlisting: Bulge Invest Full Review

BulgeInvest is a newly released program enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin today. It is a short to middle term investment program and is the most common type of programs in the industry today. Because of these types of programs nature, investors tend to choose them because of the fact that withdrawals can be done daily without the worrying of depositing in a particular time of the day. This is ideal for those who do not have access right away to their computers in the specific time of the day.

The first thing that we are going to look at with BulgeInvest is their investment plan. It has only one type of investment plan and is very easy to understand. Upon deposit, you will be earning 9% daily for 15 days giving you a total of 135% with principal included. This means that after 15 days term, you will have a sum profit of 35%. If we compute the total daily interest, it is practically a safe profit of 2.33% which is safer in comparison to other high yielding programs. You can withdraw the 9% daily earnings if you like to do so. Cash outs are reflected within 12 hours time. If in any case your cash out takes more than 12 hours, you are advised to contact them right away for faster solution.

Buldgeinvest also has an affiliate program wherein you earn 3% commission upon every deposit of your referral. This is applicable to deposits done from payment processors only thus you will not be earning from deposits using the earnings or account balances of your referrals. Since the program is only 3% commission, we can conclude that not much will be very much tempted to recruit people but the good thing about this is that the admin will not be paying too much also. Thus, this leads to a more sustainable program. One thing that caught my eye is the number of banners Buldgeinvest has. For those who do not know, the more banners you have designed and created, the more expensive it is. I would have to give credit to that.

On the payment processors review, the program allows you to deposit using a wide variety of payment processors and all the major payment processors there. You can deposit using LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay or PerfectMoney. As most of you know, there are other payment processors getting more frequently used now a days, and one of which is the PexPay. It would be a good addition for the program too if the admin could add this payment processor since more and more investors are using it.

Context wise, I can see that their home page contains personalized context. Unfortunately  I find their explanation too vague and that they only mention that they are capitalizing on trending in trading processes. Nevertheless, you will find more information about the program in their Company Profile, Mission and Investment Strategy section. Although I can see some copy pasting on some sections, I do appreciate the fact that they have done some changes in it to personalize their program. Ultimately, I highly suggest in not paying too much attention in the details since more experienced player do not really care much in this segment other than determine if enough time was used in here or not. I would have to score this section with an average rating.

For miscellaneous, page layout is very basic and similar with any other lay outs from a widely used script provider which I'll mention later one. Web design looks smooth and neat with no page or image loading issues. The have a Facebook widget for you to like the program and a news section which is currently blank as of the moment. BulgeInvest also has an optimize security features such as IP and browser change detection feature. You can also see that the program has a modified their script to have a quick access button for you to deposit or withdraw which is located on the top part of your member account pages.

Now going to the technical side. As most of you know, this section is one of the make or break factor for admin to convince the more serious and experience investors. The program is run by a licensed but slightly modified GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-encrypted by Comodo with 256-bit. These facts alone are already good for the industry. But what I am really happy with is the fact that they chose BlackLotus as their host and AntiDDoS provider. Hackers and attackers and ravaging the industry and it is a must for an HYIP program to be fully prepared for this. We can see that BulgeInvest is pretty much prepare in this sector. I will rate them as above average in this section.

In the monitoring services section, the program still has a few programs enlisting it which is totally understandable given the fact that only a couple of hours since it has been released. Nevertheless, they are doing better in comparison to other programs who barely have 3-5 monitors. Do not get me wrong, if you look closely, you will notice that these monitors are the very good and widely used monitors in the industry and for you to have an idea, these monitors are quite expensive. All in all, I would have to rate this section as mid to above average.

Lastly, if you have some questions of concerns you can contact them via Facebook, or via their Live Chat support. I have tried using both and it is working perfectly. Services are fast and inquiries are answered promptly. The only comment I can make is that they do not have a contact form or telephone number for those who barely have time to stay longer online. Nevertheless, I'll give them above average in this section.

All in all, the program can potentially last longer than any other programs if managed well by the admin. The web appearance may not be that much to create that "unique" feeling but the program itself is something feasible. If the given the chance to grow, then definitely this program has a good future. But before I close this review, I want to take you back again to the harsh reality that investing in HYIPs involve risks. BulgeInvest may be a good program in terms of sustainability in comparison to others, but it still is an HYIP. Thus, it is always advisable to exercise extra precaution. Should you consider BulgeInvest in your wide and varied portfolio, make sure you invest in the amount you are willing to lose. Good luck to us all and good luck to the admin.

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