Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TivSol and Carbon Deals Confirmed Scams, Ali Blames Paul Abramson of MNO

Apparently TivSol and Carbon Deals, two of the biggest programs in the industry is also ran by the now most famous scammer in the HYIP industry.

Ali, also known as Jacob had a long feud with one of the monitoring blogs in the industry, MNO. He is now extracting his revenge and is blaming the Paul Abramson, the admin of the said blog, for sabotaging his plans. to extract his revenge, he is shutting down all his programs. To name them all as of the moment, here is the list - IntraFunds, SkyCrown, Finvance, TivSol, and Carbon Deals.

As of this moment, I just hope that the programs we are in are not done by him anymore since he is publicly exposing all the programs he is doing and is shutting them all down together with all the money we have.

Here are the other blogs you might be interested that is connected to this apocalyptic scams.

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