Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Platinum Vertex New Promotional Items and Event Update

Platinum Vertex, the now leading program of Top Most Favorite HYIP has sent out a newsletter today. Perhaps, this program has already broken a new record for sending multiple newsletters and updates in a single day!

Platinum Vertex is a mid to long term investment program that offers 4 investment plans with daily interest of 4.5 to 6% daily for 40 business days. You can read the full review of the program here.

There newsletter informs us today that they have been informed by their personal IT Team has contacted them that new promotional banners will soon be made available for us at the banners section. This will be a set of fresh banners and other items in order to promote the said program.

They are also giving as an update on the CURRENT RUNNING EVENT which is the free cash prizes as means of saying thank you to the members by following specific instructions. The said event mechanics can be seen on the news page of Platinum Vertex and that a total of $100 has already been given out.

Personal, this program has not failed to surprise me every now and then and that they have really done some wonderful stuff for their members. Nevertheless, I do really hope that this very promising program will further develop and improve and most especially to be very much sustainable and true to its promises.

Lastly, since it is still an HYIP it also means that no matter how great the program is, the duty of everyone is to make sure that your investments are always safe. Invest only in amounts you are always comfortable to lose and to include Platinum Vertex in your wide and diverse portfolio.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello All Platinum Vertex Members!

We are very happy that we have received some very good updates from our personnal IT Team. They are currently working on new promotional items which will be made available within this week. Do look forward to see new changes in the banners section soon!

On another side of the story, we are very happy to inform everyone that more than $100 has already been given as PRIZES to our very first 2 WEEKS ONLINE!

Everyone is invited to join so do hurry! End of the said event is only until November 30 0800 Hours GMT+8 time.

Check out the news section for event mechanics.

Thank you and more power!
Platinum Vertex Team"

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