Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Frmoeg Admin is Refunding Only the Muslims + My Thoughts About Ali, The HYIP Scammer

After the latest exhibition done by the "Best Scammer" in the industry, Ali has done it again! His latest programs were Finvance, SkyCrown, Intrafunds and Frmoeg have now been announced (full story here) and he is issuing refunds! Unfortunately this is only limited to the Muslim Community.

I do understand that most of you are angry about the said person and so am I, but then again I still give my hats off to him. He has the courage to inform the people about the said "blindness" of this community and at the same time has the compassion to refund his Muslim brethrens.

I am not a Muslim and definitely I will not be refunded, nor am I writing this so that he will refund me but the guy still deserve to be treated with even a pinch of dignity. I cannot blame you if you disagree with me on this though. I am also not saying that what he did is right because we also know the morality and ethical implications of the industry. We are in this industry knowing the existing RISKS involved. The sooner we accept the fact and the truth that WE NEED THESE SCAMMERS then the better. In the first place, without them then there won’t be these programs that are offering us “OPPORTUNITIES.” Let us not also discard the fact that the BETTER PLAYERS have benefited from them and have earned a lot from them. It is a matter of empowering yourself and equipping yourself with the knowledge to succeed in the industry.

I too lost on the last program, Frmoeg, but this will not stop me from moving. At the end of the day what matters is to continue and to not give up. Someday, the clear skies will show and I am hoping and praying that we will be one of those to see it.


Newsletter about the refund from Ali "The HYIP Scammer"
"Dear Muslim Brother,
As you already know, I am a proud Muslim and I am very happy that I have scammed a few Jewish Zionist investors and much more to come.
If you are a Muslim investor, please email me at with your Username and I will be more than happy to issue you a refund.
Refunds will only be sent out to Muslims.
If you are a Jew, you can go **** yourself or you should probably wait for Iran to nuclear your ass off scrubs LOL.
No wonder Jews are retarded people, even Hitler couldn't stand them, they STINK!"

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