Thursday, November 8, 2012

Caspian Capital Sends Their First Newsletter

Caspian Capital, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs, sent out their very first newsletter today to announce a milestone of the program. Caspian Capital (reviewed here) is now officially 2 weeks or 15 days online!

Classified under short-mid term program, Caspian Capital can now be labelled a successful program for those who has been with them and did their deposit on day 0! Out of the six plans that they have, five are already completely cycled. Figure wise, the admin has announced that some of the members are earning as much as 280% already. That is a huge accomplishment!

Lastly, they are also announcing the interview of the Caspian Capital Admin publish by yours truly. In case you missed the said interview, you can view it here.


Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hi The HYIP Bulletin,
This is our 1st newsletter to inform you about the latest developments. Firstly we would like to thank you for your support, trust and confidence in our program. We are growing stronger every day and it is all because of you. We are now online for 15 days and five out of six plans have been cycled today. Members have earned up-to 280% during the period.

Recently we have been reviewed by Money News Online (MNO) admin Paul and Hyip Bulletin. Also interviewed by Hyip Bulletin and this can give you more insight in our company and programs.

You can see the direct links of the said review and interview here:

Please let us know if you want to see any improvement in our services.

Thank you again;

Caspian Capital LLC"

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