Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Platinum Vertex 2 Weeks Celebration + Milestone + Cash Prizes

We received 2 newsletters from Platinum Vertex today about reaching a new milestone and being officially online for 2 weeks now. Cash prizes will also be given away for those who will be joining their event for reaching 2 weeks online.

Platinum Vertex is a mid to long term investment program that offers 4 investment plans with daily interest of 4.5 to 6% daily for 40 business days. You can read the full review of the program here.

The said newsletter talks about the ever growing number of members of Platinum Vertex and having reached a total of 1000 members and investors in just a matter of being online for 2 weeks. It is also reminding all of its members that in order for them to receive cash out requests, it is necessary that correct and accurate information of the account is saved. They are also encouraging everyone to continue to vote for them in all the monitoring and forum sites, and more importantly on the rankings of TheHYIPBulletin.com and HYIPnews.com.

The second newsletter is a follow up in the first newsletter wherein those who will be posting testimonials about their cash outs and positive experiences with Platinum Vertex on designated sites and locations will be receiving cash prizes. Now this is what I can innovative and rewarding program! I just wish that all of the HYIP programs will be as generous and innovative as them. In order for you to claim your prizes, make sure to send out your proof of joining the event at platinumvertex.general@gmail.com. To know more of the said newsletter and its mechanics, please read the newsletters found at the bottom part of this update.

It is truly remarkable that Platinum Vertex has already imprinted its name in the industry. This can be clearly seen in our Top Most Favorite Survey Poll wherein last week the program was just rank 6-8 or so and now is on rank 2 and is very close to the reigning top program for the past couple of weeks now.

Looking at the program since the beginning, I also saw tremendous changes and development and that their support always provides almost instant and excellent service. The program admin Eric and even Geother, the company CEO has visited The HYIP Bulletin shoutbox from time to time too. I do believe that being in touch with their members is also one of the secrets that Platinum Vertex uphold making it one of the fastest growing program in the industry.

In any case, I do hope that Platinum Vertex will continue to be performing as impressive as today for a good number of months more since I am only seeing great deal of improvement from them as of today.

Lastly, please look forward to the interview of Platinum Vertex which will be published as a closing remark for being the featured program for the month of November here in The HYIP Bulletin.

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Here is the entire newsletter:

"Hi to all members of Platinum Vertex!

We are very happy to inform everyone that we have reached a new milestone today!

Platinum Vertex is now officially 2 weeks old today, and in just a very short amount of time tremendous support and dedication has been shown to our program. As of today, we finally have reached over 1000 members and we are still growing! We are very grateful for this!

I hope that you will continue to support us with the journey to success!

For this very same reason, we want to give the best for our members and I do believe that you have already noticed the wonderful job our support and ticketing group does for all of us. Promptness and excellent service is their motto! They are reminding us that all information in our account should be valid and accurate so as to prevent any delays most especially when it comes to cash outs of our beloved members.

Here are some of the very important reminders for your payment processors:
1. Please ensure that correct characters or numbers are registered in your account.
2. Please ensure that there are no spaces before and after account information.
3. Do not forget your security codes.
4. Do not forget to register your payment processors before sending cash out request.

Lastly, please continue to show your support to us!

Vote for us on TheHYIPBulletin.com and HYIPNews.com
Like and share us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlatinumVertex
Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/PlatinumVertex

Post your cash outs on the shout box and the different forums!

Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!
Platinum Vertex Team"

"Good day to Platinum Vertex Members!
As you all know, Platinum Vertex is official 14 days or 2 weeks online today. Due to the huge success that the program has experienced, it is just but right to return the favor to you guys for all the support you have given to us. To celebrate the achievements that the program has attained, a special event is created to all of you guys!

In the next 48 hours, we will be returning the favor to you by giving out FREE CASH PRIZES! All Platinum Vertex members are invited and entitled to win!

Here are the mechanics:
1. This event is open to all the Platinum Vertex Members
2. Post your first testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Testimonials section and win $0.50!
3. Post your first testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official Facebook fan page and win $0.50!
4. Post your testimonials about your positive experiences or cash outs in the Platinum Vertex Official in the 3 main Forum pages ofhttp://www.talkgold.com, http://www.moneymakergroup.com, and http://www.dreamteammoney.com/ and win $0.50!
5. Show proof of voting in either www.thehyipbulletin.com and www.hyipnews.com and win $0.50!
6. Win as much as $2 in this event and use your cash to either active and deposit it in Platinum Vertex so as to earn more or simply cash it out!
7. To claim your prizes, send all the things you have done with your account username to platinumvertex.general@gmail.com
8. Event is valid until November 30, 2012 0800 hours GMT+8 time and emails received passed this hour is no longer valid.

So what are you waiting for! HURRY AND CLAIM YOUR CASH PRIZES NOW!

Platinum Vertex Team"

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