Saturday, November 24, 2012

Platinum Vertex: New Website Features and FAQs

Platinum Vertex, ranked 5 on our top Most Favorite Programs and the current Featured Program of the month, is a mid to long term program running for 10 days sent out another newsletter for today. You can also find the full program review here.

The said newsletter I believe is the prompt follow up of what Geother, the company CEO, has been referring yesterday as improvements from their IT Team.

You will now be able to see again the slideshow which is now working perfectly fine.

Another addition to their website is the News and Updates page which contains the latest happenings of the company.

Last is the addition of new withdrawal FAQs which I really do fine very unique and personalized.

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Here is the newsletter:
“Good Day Platinum Vertex Partners!

We would like to inform that the IT Team has done a very wonderful job in doing some updates on our website!

You will notice that the new slideshow feature of the different Platinum Vertex products have been improved.

Another addition to the website is the news and updates section wherein you will be able to find out and read the latest happenings of the company.

Lastly, the ticketing department are receiving some common questions with regard to the processing of withdrawal requests.

In order for us to address these questions in the most timely manner, we have added the answers to these questions in the WITHDRAWAL FAQs.

Please feel free to check them out.

Thank you,
Platinum Vertex Team”

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