Sunday, November 25, 2012

Phinanci Reconstruction Update

I am not sure if you were already around when Phinanci was existing about 2 or 1 month ago, but it was a supposed mid to long term program that already been marked under scam.

Today, they are trying to redeem themselves and "improve" their program by doing an overall construction of their program. We have heard about the said reconstruction last week, but now they are telling the previous members that their could be a slight delay on this matter.

Another thing they have mentioned is the fact that those who have "lost" or have not profited yet will have their remaining investments placed on the latest plan.

As for me, I would have to sound the buzz and alarm for this since we all know for the fact that the Black Christmas phenomenon is coming, and this could be a move from them to get more money.

In any case, unless we have really proven that the program has totally renewed its trust to the members by doing prompt and updated refunds and payments, then I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO INVEST ON THIS PROGRAM.

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