Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Benson Union Newsletter and Upcoming Webinar

One of our Top Most Favorite Program, Benson Union has sent out a newsletter today explaining the reason as to why there were no pay outs last Monday.

The reason for the said incident is because of Veteran's Day. Thus, there were now tradings on the said day. The said news report was also posted in their news section of the website.

Another reason as to why they have sent out the news letter is to explain as to why some withdrawal requests were a bit delayed than the usual. The program had to replace their previous Liberty Reserve account and all pending withdrawals have now been sent.

They also sent out two good news for us. First is the announcement of the upcoming Monthly Webinar to be held this coming November 15. The link for the said event will then be sent as a newsletter later today so do watch out for it. The second announcement is the very much awaited addition of a new payment processor in the program.

After a very long wait, they have finally added Solid Tust Pay, and I am sure that a lot will be very much delighted on the said news!

Benson Union has now been online for 300 days bring a lot of profit to the investors who joined early on. It pays 1.2-2.45% per business days with minimum of $10 for deposit and all cash withdrawals to be processed instantly.

Here is the newsletter:
"Dear investors! We received a lot of complaints that people didn't receive profit on Monday. We kindly ask everyone to follow the news on the website on such days instead of complaining in public resources. Also there were some pending Liberty Reserve withdrawals on these days, we had to replace Liberty Reserve account number that we use for processing withdrawals and our programmers could set it up only by Monday afternoon. Once they did it, we started processing pending Liberty Reserve withdrawals and most of them were processed within minutes and by this moment everyone got paid. Almost whole Benson Union team was on away due to weekend and holidays because thats not weekdays and we hope for understanding because everyone needs to have a rest after hard trading week. Please get ready for Webinar that will take place on Thursday, November 15th. We will send out the newsletter with meeting details and conference room link later today. There is also one more good news that we have completed Solid Trust Pay integration because of too much requests to add this payment option to the list. Thanks for your attention!"

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