Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Exclusives: Caspian Capital LLC Interview

Good day guys, today The HYIP Bulletin is very happy to bring you another special treat. I understand that so many of you are frustrated about the series of unfortunate incidents in the industry and so am I. Nevertheless, the show must go on and let us strive to make sure we see it through the clear skies. If you want to vent it out, let us discuss it over in The HYIP Bulletin shoutbox!

Anyways, going back we are privileged and blessed to have with us today one of Admin in the industry. He runs one of the latest programs added in The HYIP Bulletin and he is no other than John Frace, the admin and team leader of Caspian Capital (reviewed here). Let us sit back and enjoy as I present to you “The HYIP Bulletin Exclusive Interviews: Caspian Capital.”


1.) Hi Admin of Caspian Capital, before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself to the readers of The HYIP Bulletin and tell us about your role in the program?
- My name is John Frace and I am not only admin of the project but also team leader of Caspian Capital LLC online division. My roles are generally limited to the overview and supervision of the sub-admin and his crew which include but not limited to support staff, technical staff and marketing personnel. By profession, I am a financial consultant and was associated with different financial institutions in the past.

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