Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dividend City New Deposit Bonus

Dividend City, one of the Top Programs enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin sent out a newsletter today about their new offer for depositing investors.

The said newsletter says that a profit of 200% is to be expected if you deposit more than $10. This newsletter actually gives me the scare because this types of moves normally give us an alarm that the program might be having some cash issues and could be a move to get more deposits before an actual scam happens.

I just hope that I am mistaken because if not, they we have to start asking ourselves this question "is it realistic and practical enough."

Anyways, I think you do know already as to what to do because basically it is very hard for programs to maintain such EXTREME high return, and will definitely kill the program on the long run.

Divident City's review can also be seen here and admin's interview here.

Here is the newsletter:
"We are proud to announce our new investment plan, it's called "200% after 1 day". 200% is for all investments starting from $10. Please notice that this special plan is available for everyone, but it's for limited time."

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