Friday, November 30, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Formally Shares Its Knowledge and Skills to HYIP Insiders Organization

HYIP Insiders

I would like to formally announce that starting today, November 30, 2012 my knowledge and skills will be shared to newly created and soon to be a prominent organization in the HYIP Industry.

The organization that I have joined is HYIP Insiders Org. It is composed of a group of monitors, bloggers and veteran investors in the HYIP industry.

Our goal is to help keep the HYIP industry healthy and safe for young and old investors alike by making sure that all necessary information will not pass our eyes and ears so that the public will be able to know about it. We are your brother, sister, mother, father, relatives, investigators, detectives, doctors, consultants, teachers, friends, and police in this HYIP industry!

Hope this journey of mine will help improve The HYIP Bulletin by keeping you updated with the latest trends, news warnings and updates.


  1. Hello , daddy ! Two moments : under the banner of NewGni somehow is the text of AVO ( top rated 1-10 ) and the status of Investincars is still (HIGHER RISK DUE TO OLD AGE), the 16th place , however they pended my withdrawal of $140 an hour ago , and people inform about pending from the mid of october . That should take appropriate place . Otherwise good succes on Your way to be daddy , to whom to apply when needed to cry !

  2. Crispin, I want to thank you for the write up about your involvement in the HYIP Insiders Organization ( We are proud to have a distinguished and knowledgeable hyip player and monitor such as yourself as one of our monitor members. We know your time is valuable and short, and you have a great deal to do here with The HYIP Bulletin. However, we are extending an invitation to you to become one of our Advisors/Moderators. You most certainly are qualified in our view to one of the management team for for the HYIP Insiders Orgaization project.

    Best regards always,
    Merlin - Project Founder
    HYIP Insiders Organization