Thursday, November 29, 2012

Camboura and Lord of Profits on Scam Status

After 48 hours of no response and pending cash outs from these two programs, Camboura and Lord of Profits are now tagged under my scam listings.

I have to say that I am somehow disappointed by these two. Considering the fact that their website may not come in cheap, I guess they have already reached the point wherein they are contented with the fast deposits they both received and decided to leave the industry and do a fast scam on us all.

As for Camboura, I am not sure if they were really planning it out that they are going to do a fast scam but the case for Lord of Profits is somehow (not sure if this was originally planned or not) a different story. We can see that the program admin has been trying his best to make sure that his program is going to last for a while. Considering the fact that it had a unique and very attractive website, it attracted a lot of investors and attackers at the same time too. Unfortunately, due to the multiple DDoS Attacks received which he is also partly to be blammed for hosting his site in an average hosting server, the program had so many downtimes leading to the main reasons for programs doing early closures in the industry.

Because of the said too much downtimes which leads to serious cash flow issues, maintaining a very fast and high yielding program is really impossible. And sad to say a lot of the investors lost in this game.

These are just one of the very reasons as to why playing in SHORT TERM programs are more difficult and complex that mid and long term ones.

It is the make it or break it, earn fast, lose fast game that some are willing to do.

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