Friday, November 9, 2012

Scam Warning Alarm! Carbon Deals Is Not Back to Paying

If you are a member of the program Carbon Deals, you might be one of those who received this email. The admin of the said SCAM PROGRAM sent out a newsletter today informing everyone that all pending transaction requests had been processed.


I still have pending cash outs on my account and I am still not paid, thus this program will remain under scam status.

What's worse is that it is planning to scam some more. Ali, the admin of the said program and a famous scammer of the industry, is tempting those who do not know about the story by offering a 20% bonus if you invest within the next 4 days. 


Here is the newsletter:
"Esteemed Members,

As I am sure you found out this morning, we have resumed payments today and already paid all pending withdrawal requests.
We are already back to paying status on most monitors and will be so on all of them shortly.

Even if we had a difficult few days, our members never doubted us and we have already exceeded 8000 accounts in just 4 weeks online.

To show our appreciation to our members who supported us during this difficult period, we are giving a 20% bonus to all new deposits for the following 4 days.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

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