Friday, November 23, 2012

Interesting Holiday Greetings from Platinum Vertex

Platinum Vertex, ranked 6 of the Top Most Favorite HYIPs and reviewed here, sent out a very interesting and unique newsletter today.
The said newsletter was sent out by Geother who is the CEO of Platinum Vertex himself and what makes it interesting and unique from the usual newsletters received for the Thanksgiving holiday is that it genuinely has a “Thank You” message for everyone.
They are also inviting everyone to follow them on their Official Facebook fan page and to continue the support being shown on the said program.

I appreciate the fact that their team has been consistent in being unique and innovative in most of the things that they do and I sincerely hope that they will continue to do so until such time that they become one of the successful and lasting programs in the industry of today.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Greetings to All the Partners of Platinum Vertex!

The team is very much overjoyed and happy to announce that Platinum Vertex has finally passed the first week hurdle with flying colors!

Although there were a couple of minor things that the program encountered during its official launching, all were resolved in a very timely manner. I would like to say thank you to our technical and IT team for that!

I also would like to say thank you to each members of the PV admin team who unselfishly dedicated so much of their time in the first few days of the program. I could not imagine how we would end up if I were with a different team.

Last but most important of all to the investors who have given their trust and support to Platinum Vertex. Despite being a new program in the industry, milestone after milestone has been accomplished by PV all because of you guys.

Because of your efforts, Platinum Vertex is now top 8 on and top 6 in! This is a major achievement considering the fact that we are just new.

I hope you will never grow tired of showing your support for us!

Please be reminded that we are always here to respond to your inquires or needs.

You can simply send us a ticket or drop by our EVER GROWING Official Facebook fan page.

We also encourage everyone to post your cash out proofs and share your wonderful experiences with Platinum Vertex to the different monitors and forums.
Once again, on behalf of the Platinum Vertex Team, we would like to say "THANK YOU!"

Happy Thanksgiving to all."

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