Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week Ending Reports, Problems and Scam Status 11/07/12

The first week of November has gone so fast and a lot of news and updates in the HYIP industry had been sang. And today, we will be doing our bi-weekly report for rankings, news and updates, problem and scam status updates.

Top 5 Most Favorite Programs
First thing we are going to give emphasis is the result of last week's Top 5 Most Favorite HYIPs. The following is the ranking result:
2. Carbon Deals (SCAM)
4. TivSol (SCAM)

The said ranking tells us that we have the same programs listed in comparison to last week's rankings. The only difference is that there is a change of placement between Carbon Deals, who now ranks second, and Benson Union who follows.

My Personal List
Two new programs had been added in My Personal List section since the last newsletter update.

Problem Programs
These are programs were the ones who failed to pay for the last 48 hours. These programs maybe have stopped paying for whatever reasons it could be - either hosting or server issues, or personal and health issue. Nevertheless, not paying is not paying and thus they will be marked under problem status. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO NOT INVEST IN THESE
Russia Network Investment
Emy Investment
Fran Investment
Bacon Fund
Jay Invest
FX Credit Fund
Felgold Partners
Clear Diamond Inc

Scam Status
These programs have been confirmed to be non-paying. These programs could either be those who failed to send cash outs after the given 48 hours, or the programs who explicitly inform everyone that they will be closing shops.
Carbon Deals
Gangnam Inv
Royal Union
Fxs Money
Fast Earn
AMG Trader
Profits Traders
Debt Relief Limited
Bewealthy with us
Force Lotus

As most of you know, Black Christmas (AKA Black December) or the phenomenon wherein a spike on the number of programs closing shops a lot earlier than having members reach breakeven point during the Christmas season (usually starting early November) is already starting. Thus, it is EXTREMELY important to be EXTRA cautious than you were in the previous months is highly advised.

Lastly, in this dire situation we have to make sure that we are investing in the amount that we are always ready to lose. Due to the uncertainty in the nature of the HYIP industry, too many things could go wrong. We can only speculate but we can never spell the future accurately. Nevertheless, there are always things that we can do on our end to minimize these risks. Think about it.

Lastly, for this week's Strategies, Tips and Tricks Reminder:
- Every HYIP Success Stories and HYIP Pros all started with being committed to learning the hard stuff. Most HYIP investors lose their hard earned money badly because most of them lack knowledge and experience on how to deal in HYIPs arena. In other words they do not have knowledge on how to choose a particular HYIP for investment, how to manage their investment, what strategies and techniques to use, etc. They learn their lessons the hard way: through losing their money. HYIP pros are different. They learn first how to do all the hard things. They learn all about HYIP strategies and techniques. They set goals, make daily and weekly plans and measure their progress.

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