Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finvance Confirmed Scam

Finvance has declared bankruptcy and is now confirmed scam. After a very long week of having DDoS attack, this was already a delayed news.

Warning signs have already been shown and the website just isn't to its optimal performance anymore. Much, the mutliple massive DDoS attacks which affected not just Finvance, but also the other programs made it worse.

Almost a week ago, the company declared that they have a total of 7 million dollar deposits. WOW! very outstanding isn't it? But when the DDoS attacks started hitting them, what have they been doing? Although it has been mentioned that they are trying to transfer to a new host and server provider, it became too suspicious when the said move have not been finished even after a couple of days from the declared said migration. I though they have 7 million dollars to make that processes a lot faster.

Today, at least the admin of the said program had the decency to declare bankruptcy and close their shop. But what I really hate most is that they announce that they will be doing a restart and perhaps call it Finvance 2. I am sorry but I have to say WOW! After stealing other people's money they still have the nerve to say hello we are back and we want more of your money! Come give them to us.

When that time comes, I am sure you know what to do already.

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  1. official scam , any one think to deposit sure is crazy !

  2. exactly! who would want to deposit on another "scamming" program by them

  3. what really bothers me is that they kept insisting that they were fixing the problem and to bear with them , as i did...what i did was, i really made a fool of myself by not jumping...surely no one will fall for this with them..they were all lies and more lies to cover more lies to cheat. thee is plenty of places out there that admit ..get in ..get out..we may not be here long..they started out to scam...and they were very good at it...but not again..i'm ashamed to say i lost everything

  4. I am very sorry to hear that. I hope you will be able to get back up once again as I did before. Been to a lot of downfalls to but i never gave up. I did my best to learn the whole process. and now having these types of programs come and go do not bother me much anymore. This is the hyip industry so let us just be prepared for it. Perhaps The Tips, Tricks and Strategies Section of The HYIP Bulletin can help you.