Thursday, November 1, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin ShoutBox

The HYIP Bulletin has just gotten better. Aside from the newsletter subscription feature, I am very happy to announce that The HYIP Bulletin has now integrated a very good and advanced shoutbox in the website.

I believe that is this very fast paced industry, transparency and open communication is very important. Escalations can come every now and then and I do feel the need to know and hear feedback from you guys.

Given this feature, we can easily determine, spot-check, and investigate a program is it is paying or now and we can deliver the news faster than it is now. Reports or requests for disputes can easily be done with this new additional tool also.

The said shoutbox also allows YOU to register your own account to prevent "PERSONIFICATION" or "IDENTITY THIEVERY." Once a username is register, it will then be owned SOLELY by you and nobody else can use that other than you. It is also very important to register with a secured password to prevent such incident from happening. Be informed that this feature is 100% FREE membership.

Hope to see you guys more often in the shoutbox.

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